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Skidperfect Software

Mac'in since 1991


Released public beta 6 of Extensions Strip 2.0. Download or view the Release Notes.

Released public beta 5 of Extensions Strip 2.0. Download or view the Release Notes.
Released Process Manager 1.6. It's included with ES 2.0b5. Download or view the Release Notes.

ResExcellence is running a promotion of Extensions Strip this week. 6 copies to give away celebrating 6 years since ES was first developed and released!

Released public beta 4 of Extensions Strip 2.0. Download or view the Release Notes. Note that this is the only version of ES that will run correctly with OS 9.1.

Released a preliminary port of a Carbonized MacVIM. VIM is a very powerful, free UNIX text editor that some people really like, and some people really hate. So you know what you may be getting into, here's a screenshot in OS X DP1.

Released a new freeware control strip module called MacDICT CSM. It has been bundled for distribution with Navdeep Bains's MacDICT application. The module provides convenient access to launch MacDICT and display its word search windows. Click here to download the MacDICT package. Complete source code for the module is also available.

Released public beta 3 of Extensions Strip 2.0. Download or view the Release Notes.
Released Process Manager 1.5. It's included with ES 2.0b3. Download or view the Release Notes.
Released ESDemo 1.2 (C source code for a demonstration control strip module).

Re-released the Utility CopyQueuer as freeware. It is useful for copying batches of files under System 7.
Posted the source code to 13 of my freeware programs written between 1993-1995. They are Keyboard Extender, OpenIt! Strip, Key Holder Strip, FC Text-Picture, CopyQueuer, ControlStripLoader, FKEY Installer, AppleEvent Restart FKEY, FC Text-Insert FKEY, Quick Set Volume FKEY, Quit Everything NOW! FKEY, Strip Hider FKEY, and Close It!.

The web pages have been updated to a post-Mosaic-era look and now make the iCab browser smile :-) Backwards compatibility with NS 2.02, Wannabe, and lynx was maintained, naturally.

French version of Control Panels Strip released with thanks to Eric Peyron for the translation. If you use a French version of the Mac OS, you should run the French CPS because it uses the proper name for the disabled Control Strip Modules folder.

Performance and web load testing for this software is performed by LoadTesting.co

Version 3.3.1 of Control Panels Strip released. Get it here.

Reviewed various application monitoring tools for our new project. Then created a shortlist of app monitoring tools for the team to use.

Since I've received a number of inquiring emails on the matter, I'd like to announce that ES 1.9.3 is mostly compatible with OS 9. It currently has some settings problems with multiple users however.

Added a hacks section for improving a few Mac programs.

Added a section on hosting for WordPress websites co-authored with WebHostingProf.

Congratulations to Tony Magee, Mark Ross, Nancy Burns, and Sung-Jin Kim for being the 4 lucky winners of Extensions Strip registrations. The contest was held at the Control Strip Outlet in commemoration of the 4 years since development began on Extensions Strip.

Extensions Strip 1.9.3 and Control Panels Strip 3.3 released. ES 1.9.3 provides OS 8.6 compatibility, among other things, and just in time for me to go to WWDC!
What of it?
Skidperfect Software is the name under which Ammon Skidmore has released various freeware, shareware, and public domain programs for the Mac OS since 1991. Originally located in Carlisle Massachusetts, the code is now cranked out from somewhere in Utah valley. Ammon is currently finishing up a BS in CS at BYU (finally!).

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