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Skidperfect Control Strip Modules

Process Manager 1.6 FAT
Freeware - 14.May.01
Process Manager is a control strip module that allows you to view, control, and switch with ease between your Mac's processes (running programs.) It works with Control Strip and is Extensions Strip Savvy.

Reviews: Rated 4 mice by Mac Download (Feb 1999).
Control Panels Strip 3.3.1 FAT (English)

Control Panels Strip 3.3.1 FAT (French)-translation by Eric Peyron
Freeware - 1.Jan.00
Control Panels Strip is a control strip module that was originally designed to provide fast access to your Control Panels. Now it does much more. You can open, enable/disable, trash, or get info on items in your Control Panels, Extensions, Control Strip Modules, and Startup Items folders.

Freeware - 3.Sep.00
MacDICT CSM is a module that interfaces with Navdeep Bains's MacDICT application. MacDICT lets you search for words in a growing number of databases, including Websters Dictionary, for free. The module provides convenient access to launch MacDICT and display its word search windows.

Terminator Strip 2.5
Shareware - 24.June.95
This module does a lot! It's most popular feature is the ability to to easily hide/show the strip bar with hot corners and hot keys. Terminator Strip can also quit all open applications, quit and relaunch the Finder, restart, and shutdown - all with optional hot keys. A little known feature is the ability to set a key that is ignored by applications. I set this to the help key on my extended keyboard because I often accidently hit it when meaning to press delete.

System Dropper Strip 1.3
Shareware - 24.June.95
This module will sort files into your System Folder's subfolders without displaying the Finder's confirmation dialog. To use, simply drag and drop files on the module's strip icon. Currently, this module works best under System 7 with the drag manager (a part of 7.5 and later). It does not recognize the new OS 8 System Folder items yet.

Trash It! Strip 3.6
Freeware - 1.Jan.99
Trash It! is a control strip module that lets you to delete files quickly. Its custom deletion routines can delete locked and busy files without any effort on your part. Because of this, you should use Trash It! with caution. This module is not meant for novices. I use it to quickly delete things I know I don't want. Everything else belongs in the Finder's trash can.
Keyboard Extender 2.0.3
Freeware - 14. Dec.95
Keyboard Extender is a control strip module for easily accessing all the keys not present on old style PowerBooks, and older keyboards like the one on my SE/30.

Key Holder 1.0.2
Freeware - 14. Nov.95
Key Holder is a control strip module that acts like another finger by holding down the shift key, or any other modifier keys, during all mouse clicks. Very useful for selecting many items in a long list.

Open It! Strip 1.1
Freeware - 23.June.95
Open It! displays a "get anything" dialog box that allows you to select an item to be opened from the Finder or inside the front application.

Full source code is publically available. It's a funky combination of Metrowerks C (for the temporary background daemon), THINK C (for the jGNE filter and custom open dialog) and THINK Pascal (the Control Strip module) code.


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