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Simple Hacks

These hacks were developed for personal use and carry no warranty whatsoever. They typically require the use of a hex editor such as HexEdit, ResEdit, or Resorcerer to be implemented. I do not support these hacks but welcome comments.

Turns off the system beep that occurs when you change the volume with Apple's Sound Volume module. This is particularly nice when you need to boost the sound volume while playing a quiet sound file.

Note: The automated patcher above is only for version 1.4.1 of Sound Volume. I cannot make a patcher for version 2 and later (OS 8.5+) with ResCompare because it can't handle data fork changes. You'll have to make the change yourself as outlined in the text file.
A 2 part hack that allows you to play Silicon Beach Software's 1987 game Beyond Dark Castle on modern Macs. The hack allows the game to work with 32-bit addressing and with your monitor in a color setting. (32-bit addressing is always on with System Software 7.6 and later.)

Side effects: You "unfortunately" become invincible against rats, guards, and vultures. Guards can still kill you though with arrows.

Other things: Sound doesn't work for me under OS 8.6, but it works perfectly on my PB170 running system 7.6.1. Tip: since BDC uses the event manager for everything, you can play music files in the background or leave a download going, ect.

If you'd like to win the final battle (to see the ending animation) without suffering through the other advanced levels.
Shufflepuck Hack
Makes it so Broderbund's 1988 Shufflepuck Café game doesn't crash upon quit when 32-bit addressing is on.

Other things: Sound doesn't work under OS 8.6, and is pretty flaky on my PB170 running system 7.6.1. It also froze once on me under OS 8.6 so beware!

Requires Any Browser Made on a Mac Let iCab smile


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