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The current final version of Extensions Strip is 1.9.3 (8 May 1999). A public beta 6 of ES 2 is also available through the link below (14 May 2001).

There also is a European mirror of this page.

Extensions Strip hosts control strip modules in the most flexible environment out there. Its theme is "extensions with a global interface" because of the extra power it gives to modules, especially the Extensions Strip savvy ones. Included in the package are two useful modules, a few icon themes, and developer stuff.

If you've never used Extensions Strip before, it may be useful to read the introduction given in the May 1999

Screenshot (13K) of a sample ES use from "Tofu", my faithful PowerBook 170.


You can order ES online: Secure Register or Insecure Register.

Or you can register offline with the Register application.

NB: if you are sending in the form by email, you must send it to shareware@kagi.com, not myself.

Reviews I'm aware of:

Control Strip Outlet Spotlight - May 1999 "I have used it as a replacement for Control Strip for quite a while now, and love all the extra features and options it offers."

File Mine review by Bill von Hagen - Jan 1999 "If you're already a Control Strip user, you owe it to your desktop to check out Extensions Strip."

Fluxware of the month - June 1997 "...it is also the singlemost important enhancement you could ever add to your Mac..."

Extensions Strip Savvy Modules:

Alias Module

Auto Hide

Control Panels Strip

Control PPP

Control Strip Menu

Keyboard Extender Strip

Key Holder


SwitchRes CSM

Trash It


Control Strip Outlet
UMich's Control Strip Modules archive
PowerBook Army's CSM Collection


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