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Skidperfect Source Code


Extensions Strip Programming Stuff
Freeware - 31.Jan.99
  • MacsBug debugging module called esmod.
  • C, MW Pascal, and THINK Pascal header files for the Extensions Strip API.
  • ControlStripLib & ExtensionsStripLib libraries that contain the ES API calls. (Note: new modules that support ControlStrip 2.0 will use the ControlStripLib, and older modules that contain ES-only PPC code will link to ExtensionsStripLib.)
  • Some sparse programming documentation. Email me if you have questions!


ESDemo 1.2.1 FAT
Freeware - 10.Aug.00
CodeWarrior IDE 5 project in C. Also includes CW IDE 3, CW 6, and THINK C 6 project files.

This module demonstrates uncommon features like hierarchical menus, drag and drop, and how to build a "FAT" module for Control Strip 2.0 and Extensions Strip. Also demonstrated are some of Extensions Strip's powerful additions to the Control Strip API. The code is clean and evenly commented with explanations and tips.
vimCarbon 5.7 prelim
A Carbonized version of the Mac port of the UNIX text editor VIM version 5.7. The archive contains the vimCarbon binary, a CodeWarrior IDE 6 project, and the sources + resources that I changed to carbonize the beast.

I have personally only run this version with Mac OS 8.6 and CarbonLib 1.0.4 (since I'm not running OS X yet), but I have received verification that it works well under OS X:

Note that this is a work in progress. Soon I'll commit the source changes to the beta VIM 6 distribution. Maybe someday I'll make a real web page for the carbonized MacVIM. For now, if you'd like to run vimCarbon and you've never run MacVIM before, you'll need to download the runtime and be armed with a good deal of patience. If you would like to build the source code, you'll need to get the rest of the source from ftp.vim.org or a mirror, specifically the source and extra archives (I based my build on the UNIX 5.7 source).

Note that there is a port of the console version of VIM 5.7 available here. To get the regular, non-carbon MacVIM, point your browser here.

C and Pascal:

Open It! Strip 1.1
Public Domain - 23.June.95
A tricky combination of Metrowerks C (for the temporary background daemon), THINK C (for the jGNE filter and custom open dialog) and THINK Pascal (the Control Strip module) code.

Open It! displays a "get anything" dialog box that allows you to select an item to be opened from the Finder or inside the front application.


FC Text-Picture 1.1.3
Freeware - 1993-1995
1800 lines of uncommented THINK Pascal wonder-code.

FC Text-Picture exists to quickly convert pictures and icons into stylized text. This text format is suited perfectly for e-mail within some kinds of online programs (First Class, eWorld, AOL, ect.) It is not for Internet email however.
CopyQueuer 1.0
Public Domain - 18.July.94
THINK Pascal project that demonstrates sending complicated AppleEvents to the Finder, the Drag Manager, Standard File Filters, modeless dialogs, preferences, and a secret psychedelic easter egg...

CopyQueuer (pronounced Copy - Q - er) lets you make a list of files to be copied, and then instructs the Finder to copy them in one batch job. This is quite useful for copying many files from different locations with System 7, especially if you are coping them over a slow AppleTalk network.

Requires Any Browser Made on a Mac Let iCab smile


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